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It's good to be king... further reading

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In pulling together my "It's good to be king..." post there were a number of things that were included in earlier drafts that didn't make the final cut... and other things people have shared with me would have fit equally well.

Here's a selection from both stacks. [trigger warning: awful things]

Moldbug proposed a paper for a Functional Programming developer conference - the internet was not happy. Here's his response. (I leave it to those inclined and skilled to write the "functional programming==neo-reactionary politics in code form" post)

A Reddit AMA focused on Urbit

Scott Alexander's Anti-reactionary FAQ

Nick Land on tech secessionism (video)

That whole Justine Tunney thing, where she proposed that Google took over the US Government

Bloody Shovel on mob raising and Russian fascism

Just why are the alt-right reading collapsarian/dark mountain style blogs?

Meanwhile, in Poland...

David Golumbia on the Politics of Bitcoin (& expanded notes)

Intellectuals in Crisis - Historians under Hitler (I guess 2016 is the year we repeal Godwin's Law)

Jurgen Habermas on pulling the ground from under right-wing populism 

An LA Times guide to the wider terminology of the alt-right. It is not a co-incidence that so much of this language comes from the PUA/Men's Rights world.

The theory of Anacyclosis

On the recorded political beliefs of academics, disciplinary norms, likely reasons and the likely effect on students and educational policies.

And now for something completely different:


(and, for the completist, this is where the post title comes from)