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OER16 propaganda

Now I did this in 10 mins at work in PowerPoint - the software of choice for the corporate and time-pressed ds106 participant.

I grabbed the Charlie picture from google images, ditto the OER16 logo and pasted them in to powerpoint. Using the "colour" tool on the picture format menu, I made the white part of the logo transparent and turned it into pure black and white. I then resised it and used the "3D" rotate tool to fit it on to the main picture.

It was looking a bit odd, so I desaturated the main picture (33%) for a more retro look. The text used a "Bevelled gold" effect on a bodoni font.

I wanted to get the conference details on an actual golden ticket, so I made a rectangular text box and added the gold effect via assigning various shades of orange to a gradient.

And that was it.