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#tdc1097 #dailycreate boring commercial #ds106

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So after the *MONSTER* I unleashed yesterday I figured I'd better get on to the next daily create I saw. And it was a video.

We had to make a version of this Virgin Airways deliberately boring video to make it even more boring. And what is more boring than a 5 hour flight, that's right... MOOCs.

So I grabbed the section I needed (which was a wonderfully trippy generic dream sequence about graduating and learning to fly, about 86 minutes in), and added a slowed down, echoed and flanged recording of my voice reading out the FutureLearn "About page". Lovely.

(Incidentally, you can already watch Coursera videos on JetBlue)


Testing Flickr/Known integration

This is a guinea pig with my eyes and mouth. No reason.