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Here's why I want an edtech discipline (or something very like one):

- I want new edtech claims to be examined and critiqued on the basis of old edtech research.
- I want more people to know about old edtech research.
- I want the possibility of genuinely curiosity driven research - evaluations of funded interventions are great but we're never far from the accusation that the primary purpose is to gain more funding.
- I want people trying to do something with technology and education to have some kind of theoretical basis for what they are trying to do.
- I want academic conferences that are not primarily about advocacy
- I want something other than press releases to be the dominant means by which edtech decisions are made.
- I want a critique of the structures of power that shape decision making in edtech to become more visible to decision makers (there's a tie in to a parallel need for support for "higher education policy studies")
- I want the people who do this stuff well to have a chance of making a living doing it. (And I want them to publish in places than we all can read.)

(probably not linked: I forgot I made this ages ago which seems apposite )